And with it, 3 years of work.

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The year was 2018. We were about to graduate. We had a great idea which we thought would make us billionaires (spoiler: It didn’t).

But once a great mind said that a great idea itself doesn’t count. You need execution.

So needed to build the damn thing. And we had to do it fast. But we were a team of only 4 members.

So we all started doing our research (Google Search Mainly 👊) to find out the fastest and easiest way to build something that we could ship to millions of our customers overnight.

The answer was Firebase. We were promised great things. It was the perfect solution for us. …

Step by Step Guide for Absolute Beginners

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You have something hosted on AWS. You have seen the word VPC here and there.

Maybe you are like me and thinking what the heck is this VPC thing?

Well, you have come to the right place. Today we will learn all the basics about VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) and create one ourselves.

Along the way, you will learn some networking basics and also dig deep into AWS infrastructure!

First Things First, What is VPC?

A virtual private cloud can be thought of as a private network inside which all your aws resources will reside. …

After reading you will wish the same too

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The Node Package Manager (npm) is very open about what packages you can publish or not. Over the years there are some awesome packages that we all want and love. But today we won’t look into that. We will see some ridiculous npm packages and try to understand why they exists in the first place.

1. is-ten-thousand

This is a package that lets you check if a particular number is 10000 or not.

Beginners Introduction to Database Indexing

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Today in the era of ORM we as developers don’t have to touch the database that often. I myself built my first project without writing a single line of raw SQL inside the project.

It was working fine at first. But after some time we had some real data and the API response time was increasing.

To make the user experience better we tried to optimize our application here and there but it didn’t solve our actual problem.

It was apparent that querying the database was the bottle-neck of our application. …

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In the current age of information, every successful business needs to know about their customers, what they care about the most. and the easiest way of doing this is to track them when they visit your website.

Their interaction with your site can give you a much better insight into what they are actually looking for and helps you optimize user experience even more.

Fortunately, Google has made it really easy to gain insights into your web application.

What can you do with analytics?

  • You can gain insight into the region they live in.
  • You can understand which age-group are more interested in your business
  • Track how much time they are spending on…

Get this right, otherwise, your code will have problems

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Programming is a work of art. But not everybody can appreciate your piece of work when it comes to coding. Because the coding style varies from person to person a lot. So your artwork may be actually garbage to another person :P

It becomes a huge problem when we work on a team project. Where each member tries to overwrite other people's code. So establishing a coding standard is a must in these scenarios.

There are some libraries that can make our life very easy. They are…

  • Linters are static checker of your code. …

What I Had to Learn from My Mistakes

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It was years ago when I was tasked to design a medium-sized system on my own. I was really excited as it was time to show the world how awesome a software designer I was.

Before that, I only saw systems that were designed by others and wondered why the heck did they miss so many things?

But as I started to design the system myself I realized how difficult it was to build even simple things. So many dependencies, so many limitations, so much pressure!

I feel guilty about my own design although it is working fine. Because I know the loopholes of my system. …

A Developers Guide to Utilize the Power of Linux

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Whenever we need to install some new program or access the Linux system each of the tutorials says you shouldn’t be using sudo to run any command.

Avoiding sudo is considered a good practice. But why is that?

Today we will learn what is bad about using sudo and how we can avoid using sudo by creating new users. The command that we are going to use most today is adduser.

What does sudo do?

When you run any command on a Linux machine with sudo as a prefix, it gives you elevated privileges over the system. So that you can run anything and everything. …

And How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

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React is very fast. I mean really really fast. That’s what makes React great.

But if you want to optimize your application even more there are some ways you can do that.

Today we will look into the most useful two techniques provided by React itself to solve some performance issues.

1. Let’s Start Simple

Take a sample example where we have a component namedDisplay that does nothing but show a single line of text.

This component is a child of Controller which has a button that increases a state variable named count and holds our Display Component.

Notice we have added a console.log()

Lessons from the Famous Book “The Pragmatic Programmer”

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Sometimes we come across a great book that completely changes some of our core beliefs and helps us grow. It revolutionizes the way of thinking about ourselves and we become grateful to the authors.

The Pragmatic Programmer is one such book.

Today I will be sharing the top 10 Lessons that I took from this book.

1. “Just Good Enough” is the Best Policy

Softwares aren’t perfect. It’s impossible to be perfect. You can’t write perfect software on the first go or even after years of work.


Mohammad Faisal

Passionate about Clean code and SOLID Architecture

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