Some must-have tools for a rock-star developer

Person extending a light bulb to the viewer
Person extending a light bulb to the viewer

ReactJS is very performant by default. But now and then you get a chance to make it even better. And the awesome React community has come up with some fantastic libraries.

Today we will talk about seven such libraries that can improve the quality of your code and at the same time improve performance.

Let’s begin.

1. React Query

React Query is known to be the missing state management library for React. In its documentation, it says, “Fetch, cache, and update data in your React applications all without touching any ‘global state’.”

Yes. This is exactly what it does. It helps us to…

Practical advice for improving code quality

Woman with index finger over mouth
Woman with index finger over mouth

React is very unopinionated about how things should be structured. This is exactly why it’s our responsibility to keep our projects clean and maintainable.

Today, we will talk about some best practices to follow to improve your React application’s health. These rules are widely accepted. As such, having this knowledge is imperative.

Everything will be shown with code, so buckle up!

1. Use JSX ShortHand

Try to use JSX shorthand for passing boolean variables. Let’s say you want to control the title visibility of a Navbar component.



2. Use Ternary Operators

Let’s say you want to show a particular user’s details based on role.



3. Take Advantage of Object Literals

Practical advice for designing REST APIs

Rest API Design Best Practices
Rest API Design Best Practices

Ever got frustrated with a horrible API where everything’s a guessing game? Well, I have.

In this world of microservices, a consistent design for your backend API is imperative.

Today, we’ll talk about some best practices to follow. We’ll keep it short and sweet — so buckle up!

First, Some Terminology

Any API design follows something called Resource Oriented Design It consists of three key concepts

  • Resource: A resource is a piece of data, For example, a User.
  • Collection: A group of resources is called a collection. Example: A list of users
  • URL: Identifies the location of resource or collection. Example: /user

1. Use kebab-case for URLs


Habits that make the difference

A man sits at a laptop coding.
A man sits at a laptop coding.

Getting the job done is the most important thing in software development. But how do you separate yourself from others? Well, from my experience, I can say the difference is in the approach.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of React developers. Here are some things that separate a great developer from an average one.

1. They Don’t Use Index as the Key

When we render a list, usually we get a warning saying that we need to provide a key for each list item. We lazy people often use the index as the key.

Something like this:

But in the React documentation, they…

If you’re writing enterprise-level code, you need to know this

Over the years I have had the privilege to work on some large-scale react projects. Today I am gathering some essential things to keep in mind when building a new project or enhancing the functionality of any large scale application.

We will start from the absolute basics and then go deeper. So buckle up!

1. Project Structure

When I started with React it was intuitive for me to keep files by their types. Bus as I had the privilege to work on some larger projects I understood how difficult it can be to navigate through your files as any project grows bigger


React is not suitable for SEO… or is it?

We all love React. It’s awesome for its performance and simplicity. However, we’re often told that React is not SEO-friendly.

Is this really the case?

Today, we will take a deep dive into this topic and see how we can tackle the problems and boost the SEO performance of our React applications.

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. It basically indexes your website for search engines like Google.

The better your website ranks, the higher it appears on the search result page.

Why Should You Care?

According to Staskshare, Google has around a 92.4% share of the search engine market. …

Naming conventions for a robust and predictable system

Designing a database is one of the first steps of designing a robust system. Similar to other languages, database design should also be consistent and predictable.

Today we will learn some best practices to follow when designing a database. We will learn the naming conventions for a scalable database system.

We are keeping it short and to the point for your convenience. Let’s start

1. Attribute names should be lowercase

Avoid having upper-case names for your attributes.






  • This practice avoids confusion from upper-case SQL keywords
  • It can improve typing speed

2. Data Types Should not Be Names

Never have data-types as your column name. This happens mostly for timestamp parameters. …

Experience is valuable. But for startups? I don’t think so


Running a startup is exciting. You are part of a journey where the destination moves constantly.

Hiring and managing people is even more challenging. A well-organized team is the most important asset for a startup.

In my experience as a founding member of a startup — and after working for multiple startups in the last 3-4 years — I have noticed that the outcome of a team depends more on chemistry than technical strength.

Today, I will share my experience with older programmers and why I think startups should avoid hiring them.

They Have More To Lose

Younger programmers are eager to take risks. They…

Knowledge of the cloud will make you more valuable in the job market

The cloud is the future. More and more companies are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, so developers who are familiar with cloud technologies are high in demand!

AWS is the biggest player in the cloud market. As such, it makes total sense to start with AWS.

But where do you start? AWS has over 170 services.

Today, I will tell you about the three most relevant services to React developers.

Main Ingredients

Any modern application has some basic features:

  • Storage
  • Database
  • Authentication
  • Hosting

In this article, we will see which AWS services can help us to implement these features. …

7 months ago on a cold evening, I was sitting idly on my desk and thinking of doing something productive.

Suddenly the brilliant idea of writing an article hit my mind. Although I didn’t write anything in my life up to that point.

The medium was the obvious choice for writing because I read a lot of articles on Medium because of my job as a Software Engineer.

So I started writing.

How it Happened

My initial intention was to document the journey of myself as a software engineer. …

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