Mohammad Faisal
1 min readFeb 17, 2021

Brother you need to grow up fast. Purpose or writing article is not to solve your( or any other's problem )

The sole purpose is to share knowledge. There is no good or bad knowledge.

As a developer it's our responsibility to use any technology wisely and securely. It's impossible to write any article where some kind of security is not compromised.

The writers (like me) have to keep things conscise so it's impractical that we talk about every aspect of an application.

You need to study more and see those online.

I understand you are a junior developer who is just arrogant after finding an issue with an article but that's okay. we all go through the same process.

A simple tip for you. There are tons of article on the internet(I myself read those too) on this very topic. Not like I invented this in any way. same is true for other topics of programming. So please don't try to show off your limited knowledge by bragging.

Instead you should start writing and sharing on you r own to share the best practices. That way we all can benefit.