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  • JavaScript Daily

    JavaScript Daily

    Daily JavaScript / JS community news, links and events. Go to @reactdaily for React news.

  • Better Programming

    Better Programming

    Advice for programmers. We cover code tutorials, leadership and management, productivity and coffee.

  • Plabon Shekh

    Plabon Shekh

    Tech entrepreneur | SaaS | Data Science Enthusiast

  • Louis Petrik

    Louis Petrik

    Programming, Finance & Psychology. Figuring out life, one idea at a time.

  • Soumadri Banerjee

    Soumadri Banerjee

    Editor @ PlainEnglish.io

  • The woman

    The woman

    Programming | AI | Data Science | Blockchain

  • Dr. NRB Shuvo

    Dr. NRB Shuvo

    Doctor | Social Worker

  • Anisuzzaman Babla

    Anisuzzaman Babla

    Lead App Developer | Android, Java, Spring Enthusiast | FinTech Experienced | SOLID Code Practitioner

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