Mohammad Faisal
1 min readApr 18, 2021


Let's say I completely agree with you. Now please enlighten me with some of your knowledge.

I don't see how *product-order* disguises the name of the table any better than the real table name *product_order*.

-- What's your suggestion then. How you would hide it?

-- What's wrong with replacing the underscore with a dash if it maintains consistency?

Header Authentication is safer than URL Authentication? A header is as readable as a URL

-- IF both are readable and the header is slightly harder to find then what's wrong with trying to keep it in the header?

-- Why would you consider this a bad practice?

Basically, URL structure makes sense for human readability.

-- What's wrong with having a consistent URL structure?

It's like saying clean coding has nothing to do with performance. Who doesn't know that? and Shy should it even matter?

-- If you are given the choice to work with a system having a consistent URL structure and another without it which one would you pick?