Mohammad Faisal
1 min readApr 30, 2021


Thank you for your 22 cents.

Logic is a powerful thing. You can validate absolutely everything. that’s why there are so many bad frameworks and practices out there because someone thinks it is good practice.

About 6 (memo)
I agree with you on the point of not making pre-mature optimization. But I feel more often than not memo increases the performance. Maybe I am a bad developer that’s why. But memo is here for a reason and I still think it’s good to use it.

About 7( style in JS)
I think what you said is fairly logical. But still maintaining CSS is harder than maintaining JS and I think using libraries like styled-components can be a good starting point. This way you won’t have :hover type issues

About 8(Object destructuring)
I respect your opinion. But I still think destructuring is helpful when you have a fairly large amount of props coming in. But I agree with you on the readability issue. It can heart readability. So should someone use it? I think it boils down to the personal preference and situation.

About 14(Component Naming)
A good example of a component instance can be found in the number 3 in the article. And I can think of some other situations where having an instance of a component can make sense.

I just tried to gather some rules that made sense to me. And I am very aware of the fact that it won’t make sense to everybody because I have a very limited amount of knowledge like everyone else. :)
Thank you again