How I Went Viral

Mohammad Faisal
4 min readMay 20, 2021
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

7 months ago on a cold evening, I was sitting idly on my desk and thinking of doing something productive.

Suddenly the brilliant idea of writing an article hit my mind. Although I didn’t write anything in my life up to that point.

The medium was the obvious choice for writing because I read a lot of articles on Medium because of my job as a Software Engineer.

So I started writing.

How it Happened

My initial intention was to document the journey of myself as a software engineer. Also having a blogging portfolio can prove to my employers that I know what I am doing.

On average the articles were viewed around 6–12 times per day and I thought to myself

WOW! People are spending their time reading my stuff!

It felt so good. But after some days suddenly my view count went from 20 to 500!

My first spike

It gathered a huge amount of views afterward and to this day it accumulates over 30000 views. That’s viral for me!

It was a story about our mistake as startup founders. How some poor technical choice almost ruined us.

Whatever the case it felt so good. And I became much more serious after that about writing.

Why Though?

Honestly, at that time, I had absolutely no idea why this particular article went viral.

But now, after 6 months I think I’m now in a better place to explain why that article went viral. And these are factors that I used my other viral stories too. So maybe there is something.

1. This is a Story of Failure

This story is about failure. People love to hear about other people’s failures. One of my most favorite quotes is.

Mohammad Faisal